Every working individual should act worthy enough on a day-to-day basis job and every business owner understands the importance of it. Especially, if you have a fleet and logistics business, being an owner you must understand the productivity ratio with your employees. Here are some facts which will guide you on the importance of using a GPS tracker.


The fleet is all about time management – most employees are tempted to slack off, even if it is in minutes. From smoking a cigarette to stopping by a coffee shop, or even an extended lunchtime. It becomes an irresistible quotient for most of us, which really affects the business and its productivity.

How a GPS Tracker can add benefits?

– real-time location tracking of the fleet.

– track location by the time

– time of departure and arrival

– logs parking, engine turn-offs, etc.

Assigning these GPS tracker software with the vehicles makes the driver stay away from the irresistible quotients and be on track offering maximum productivity.

Affordable GPS tracking system

Many people are familiar with GPS tracking system and trackers but often assume them to be expensive and requires a recurring budget for maintenance. This is not always the case. GPS Trackers are fairly affordable and do not have high recurring fees. The tracker comes with different plans, either you buy a tracker with a pre-installed sim card or just the tracker itself and renew your own sim like any other mobile phone sim card.

We suggest buying a complete package that is, a tracker with a sim card, which will benefit you in handling the tracker plan and service with ease. Most trackers have a yearly renewal service and the charges are very nominal to what they offer in return. Over the years, the prices have gone down considerably.

Most business owner tries to spend wisely and try to keep the expenses to a minimum, which makes a good business. However, spending money on a no working staff outside the office premises costs you more in a long run. Lesser fleet deliveries per day, fewer sales per day will affect the business negatively. A GPS Tracker offers you a complete return on your investment and you can see the difference in less than 2 months of usage. Once you get to see the returns – a tracker will automatically create its own space for your return and makes it virtually free.

Track your vehicles as well as your people at work

Whether it is a car or a truck, a bike, or any other four-wheeled asset, a tracker can track your asset anytime, anywhere, and at any place. These GPS trackers can track and record all the movements outside your premise – like a third eye. From a short trip to long-distance traveling – a tracker can track every movement on the go. Even a messenger traveling by motorcycle can be tracked in real-time.

Not only as a business usage, but a tracker can also be beneficial to your personal vehicles as well. You can keep eye on your loved ones on the go and avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

For us, we feel these are the most generic usage of GPS Tracker Software, which can be beneficial for any business or on personal grounds – after all no one care as much as you do, may it be family or business.